Monday, December 6, 2010

Qigong Wellness Group Topics

Upcoming Wellness Group Topics

December 20, Intuition and Sensing Energy
Jan. 3, 2011, Angel Fun Night. Pick an Angel card for 2011 and there will be a Guided Angel meditation.
Jan. 17, Weight Balance
Feb. 5, Love
Feb. 21, Women’s Health, Breast Massage, Periods
March 7, Kidney Energy
March 21, Depression
April 4, Feng Shui for the bedroom and office

1st & 3rd Mondays of the Month
(excluding holidays & snow/ice storms)

Upcoming Dates
December 20th, 2010  January 3 & 17, February 5 & 21,
March 7 & 21, April 4

5:45 – 6:55

The first 15 minutes we’ll have Questions and Answer time or a introductory topic of the night. Upcoming topics will include Group Healing, Sensing Energy & intuition, Digestion, Wellness topics, Women’s health balance and more. We’ll follow with active exercises and a nice sitting meditation.

Location: Professional Community Center, Old Hospital
Red Wing, MN 55066
3rd Floor Conference Room

Fee: $12.00 each time, or punchcard. (Punchcard is available for purchase at $55.00 for 5 group sessions or $100.00 for 10 group sessions.)

Everyone is Welcome, no experience is necessary. For all ages and abilities.
No need to make reservation. Just show up and enjoy.

For more information, please see website:

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